Our goal is to support leaders from small or mid-level companies to take their people and performance to the next level.

“effective leadership is the only competitive advantage that will endure. that’s because leadership has two sides- what a person is in character and what a person does- Competence

– Stephen Covey


MasterLead is a leadership transformation program by Scaleup Mission with Mission20 Knowledge exclusively for CEO’s, Directors, Managers or Team leads. This 30 days transformation program will equip you to increase your people and performance skills which will directly reflect on your business growth. Learn 21+ practical management tools and the art of leading teams by spending just 60 minutes a day.



Throughout the session you will be provided with 21 practical tools, which are result assured. The tools are beneficial in both professional and personal life. Proper follow ups will be taken by our team to ensure that you are in the invading stage of your leadership.

Strategic solutions


Navigate disruption operational challenges with the right strategy and practices to drive resiliency and competitive advantage.



This is a special feature of our masterlead. The reason behind why people are longing for mentorship is the pure psychology of humankind. We are social beings and it would be motivating and supporting if somebody is there to coach, mentor, and push us forward to our defined goals.

network building


You will end up meeting leaders from various sectors where you can find connections for your business. This is a give and take process where you can contribute and take a step ahead.

course module

your 4 weeks journey

week 1 – Understanding leadership

Masterlead is a model which our company has developed from years of experience and expertise. The model has been scientifically tested and it consists of the crucial 9 areas a leader needs to have in their life. You can assess yourself with our model to find out which leadership level you are in and thus it will help you to redefine the leader in you. A leader is not a person who carries only the position name, but a facilitator who always cares about their people.

week 2 – Vision & strategy

Vision and strategy are not unfamiliar words for you. After the thorough assessment, you will come to revise your objective, vision, mission, and goals. A clearly defined vision will boost you, give you fuel to accomplish objectives. Thus sustainability of your success journey will remain unquestionable. But all these processes are not easy, though we provide you with result-assured tools and methods to guide you through.

week 3 – People management

People will follow you, not because your position demands them but the leader in you inspires and influences them. To harvest new leaders from your people.to provide your people with a positive environment to grow, to enhance their commitment towards your company you have to be a coach. With the scientifically tested techniques and tools, you will find a coach in you and be able to build an environment in which your employees are interested to work.

week 4 – Performance management

Ensuring that a set of activities and outputs meets an organization’s goals in an effective and efficient manner determines the sustainability of an organization. Continuous review and evaluation with appropriate methods at the right time at the right place are essential. We ensure your expertise in following the proper tools.

Rahul Raghav

International Trainer | Business Consultant | Life Coach

Rahul Raghav has been a Trainer & Coach since 2012 with experience of training more than 1300 individuals from 30+ countries. He did his special Diploma in Experiential Education and Practices (2014-15) and represented India and did multiple training sessions at UNESCO’s World Heritage Youth Engagement Program, Manila, the Philippines(2015).

His association got recognized and he became a Consultant trainer at Social Innovation Summit, Warsaw, Poland (2015). Apart from these, he has done many more outbound training sessions in association with various corporate companies across India. In 2020, he launched his Business Consulting Company with his IIM Kashipur batchmate Mr.Dhaneesh at Calicut, Kerala. Currently, he is also the leading Life coach at Brainciti, a Dubai-based online training company.


Corporate Trainer | Life Coach

Muneera is an enthusiastic corporate trainer, certified life coach with certification in NLP, International certified career coach, and Life skill development. Her in-depth experience at this young age makes her one of the top-notch female trainers in the sector today.

Her experience in training employees from different corporates like Aster Mims and Sarde adds value her profile.


Nayana, CEO, Radish Pro

I really enjoyed and learned so much from this program. This is the first time I have heard about OKR and it is working for me so well!!!

Sooraj, Director, Socialacts

This program gave me a lot more exposure to interesting and useful management tools to use at my Business. I am really looking forward to implement these immediately.

Harshith, CEO, Beru

I been really good with all the processes, but struggled with people management. Now I am confident about building a better team and achieving more. Thanks Rahul!

Reshma, Operations Manager

Thanks Rahul and team for such a wonderful and quality program. Really worth and I am thankful for helping me to balance my leadership life. Lot of gratitude.


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